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The shoulder is the most mobile, but also the most unstable, joint. As a result, shoulder pain and injuries are common. Whether you’re experiencing sudden shoulder pain, chronic symptoms that developed over time, or pain related to arthritis, Downtown Spine & Sports in New York City can help by providing proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What causes shoulder pain?

Anyone is susceptible to developing shoulder problems, due to the joint’s instability. Shoulder pain can be acute, happening suddenly after an injury, or develop gradually and become a chronic problem. It can come from a variety of factors, including:

Bursitis: inflammation or irritation of the fluid-filled bursa sac, located between tissues such as bones, tendons, and muscles

Shoulder or rotator cuff tendonitis: a degenerative condition involving tendons of the shoulder joint, most commonly the rotator cuff tendons — known as rotator cuff tendonitis  

Impingement syndrome: pain that happens when tendons of the rotator cuff becoming impinged while passing through the shoulder joint

Rotator cuff tear: a tear in a rotator cuff tendon, which often occurs from sudden movements or develops gradually, as a result of chronic impingement syndrome

How is shoulder pain treated?

Treatment for shoulder pain varies, depending on the cause and the severity of your symptoms. Physical therapy is often the first course of action, and may be all you need. Other treatment options include cortisone injections, acupuncture, prolotherapy, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections at trigger points to help stop muscle spasms and break down scar tissue. PRP is the patient’s own blood plasma that contains high concentration of platelets, rich in bioactive proteins, which play a vital role in tissue regeneration and repair. Downtown Spine & Sports offers a high-end, state of the art system to prepare the PRP, featuring double spin centrifuge.

What does physical therapy involve?

Physical therapy can help minimize shoulder pain while restoring function. While the specific approach varies, depending on your symptoms, your program may include:

  • Application of adhesive tape or bandages
  • Education and advice
  • Exercises to strengthen weakened shoulder muscles, prevent stiffness, and increase range of motion
  • Manual treatments

How can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is a non-drug treatment that works by releasing natural pain-relieving chemicals in your body, overriding pain signals in various nerves, or by allowing blood and energy, or Qi, to flow more freely through your body. While research is limited and findings are mixed, some people experience significant reduction in symptoms after a course of treatments, which involve the insertion of tiny needles into specific trigger points. Acupuncture can be used on its own, or as an addition to other treatments, such as traditional medication or physical therapy.


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